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That's right ladies...take them off! If you come to colette wearing a skirt or dress, and you aren't planning on wearing any panties, you get $20 off!!
Charles Johnson: Mr Charles Johnson felt the calling of God and urging of the Holy Spirit to leave his friends and brothers, the Sensational Nightingales and embark on a ministry of his own. He had been with the Sensational Nightingales for 23 years, recording numerous gospel albums and traveling all over Europe and America on the black gospel circuit. During his time with the Nightingales Charles was the lead singer as well as the songwriter for the group. Charles took nothing with him except his guitar.

Charles Johnson was born near Paris, Texas. The youngest of 5 children, he grew up in church singing with his family all of his early years. In 1947 at the age of 16 Charles left Paris for Abilene, Texas where he found employment on two ranches. He still sang with friends on the weekends. In 1950 Charles headed for California to work and sing until joining the Sensational Nightingales in 1961.

While with the Sensational Nightingales Charles' song "It's Gonna Rain" was on the billboard charts for 100 weeks in the decade of the 70's. That album (It's Gonna Rain) has reportedly sold 1 million, 12 thousand albums and was one of three albums that the Nightingales had on Billboards Top 10 albums chart at the same time.

Charles did not know or understand Southern Gospel, Inspirational, Adult Contemporary or any of the other denominations of Gospel music, he only knew that he wanted to sing, play and minister with his own style of music to the Glory of God. So in January, 1984 with no promoter or booking agent, but with two brothers Darrell and Ricky Luster he formed the group, Charles Johnson and The Revivers. They loaded up their guitars and sound system and were ready to travel and minister, but where? Three days later a gentleman called to ask if Charles would like to come to Melbourne, Arkansas, Charles asked "what for?", the man said, "to sing, Charles said "that's what I do, I'd love to come". After nineteen days singing from church to church in the Melbourne area, that church called a friend in West Virginia and they went and sang at almost every church in West Virginia.

Following this experience Charles Johnson and the Revivers began to sing "their" music. Not knowing what the term Southern Gospel meant they wrote and sang what they felt, the way they felt it. One of their first songs, "Sealed Til the Day of Redemption" got into the hands of a Southern Gospel radio station in 1988, it was played, and from this Charles began a whole new listening audience of people that loved his music. In 1990 they followed that up with "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand", this song went into the top 5 on the Singing News Chart. "I Can't Even Walk" got the attention of Nashville Record companies and Charles signed a recording contract in 1991 with Canaan records which was sold and distributed by Word. Charles Johnson and the Revivers first album for Canaan was the live album "Let's Have Church" released in 1992, this was followed by two studio albums, "We Cannot Stand Alone" released in 1994 and "I Believe" released in 1995. All of the singles released from these albums were hits on the Southern Gospel charts. The people did not know who he was, but they loved his music. In 1996 Charles signed with Centergy records and recorded his first ever "Hymns" album, something he had wanted to do for years, this was released in December 1996. Charles' album "Good Time In the House" was released in 1997. By far his best studio album ever is "Waiting for the Messiah, the title song was a hit single at number 17 on the Singing News Charts. It was at a Gaither video taping that Babbie Mason asked Charles if he was the same Charles Johnson that her mother used to love to listen to, he was.

Now available are two new and exciting releases, "Jasper Walls", a CD and "A Nation Under God", a dynamic and inspiring music video that reminds us of the spiritual heritage of this country and calls us back to a renewed commitment to God. The video includes awesome historical and scenic footage that will stir Patriotic embers into full flame and together with the Revivers music will cause viewers to join in praise to Almighty God. All of these albums have National sales distribution and promotion through New Day Christian Distributors.

The current group consists of Charles Johnson, Francis Leggett, and Daryl Richmond.

Charles' Autobiography entitled "Another River to Cross" published by Destiny Image released in June 2002 has received a lot of positive compliments and support from his fans. This book will make you cry, laugh, and shout. It's full of Biblical teachings which you can apply to everyday situations, you will be thrilled at the story of "my grandmother" who was snatched from Africa and sold into slavery when she was only 10 years old, at the same time her twin was sold to another master, the two sisters did not see or hear from each other until they were miraculously reunited 100 years later. Granny died in 1966 at about the age of 115. In the book he related the wit and wisdom she poured into him as well as the stories behind his songs.

Charles Johnson is a very unassuming down to earth man. He's not a very talkative artist. If his songs are on the charts that's okay with him, if they're not, well that's okay with Charles as well. He's not much into playing "the game", or the politics of it all. Charles says "I know I'm doing what God wants me to do, and I know I'm doing it the way He wants me to do it. God wants me to minister to the people His way. I'm not a Quartet and I'm not the Traditional Southern Gospel group but as long as the people love what we do and lives are changed that's what it's all about".


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Erin Harpe: Playing acoustic delta blues in the vein of Memphis Minnie and early Bonnie Raitt, Erin simply plays guitar and sings the blues like no other. In a genre that is often dominated by men, Erin is breaking new ground as a very accomplished female guitar player with a soulful voice and feel for the blues. In her other role Erin is Lovewhip's sexy and powerful front woman, lead singer and guitar player. Solo she plays authentic rootsy acoustic blues from the 1930's, finger-picking intricate guitar parts while singing. Look for her new album coming out soon, Delta Blues Duets, on which she plays duets with her dad, bluesman Neil Harpe.

kosha dillz: Kosha Dillz has been a mainstay in the indie hip hop scene of NJ and NYC for years. Taking his flamboyance and flashy "Jewish Junk" style to the next level on his upcoming debut LP "Freestyle Vs Written" with C RAYZ WALZ (MOnster Maker, Def Jux), he is the one man stage show to elevate youngster to dances of 50 year olds, etching a foreverness in his matzah ballin status for all creeds and colors. He started out with multiple felony convictions, jail time, and losing the will to live. He revived himself off a jail cell floor to graduate an acredited University and self promote his first 12'' vinyl to #4 in the USA college charts. Performing over 100 shows last year through out the entire US and even Israel, including collaborations with Grammy Nominee Matisyahu and Wu tang's Killah Priest, Kosha Dillz is sure to be a name popping up in the mouths of kids all over the world. Grab him now at your college before its too late!

check for him on


When John Cook was 4 years old, he witnessed his father commit suicide. It was tragic and traumatic and could have scarred him for life. In order to save his mind and his future, God was going to have to do something special for this young boy, so that he didn’t have that memory etched in his spirit, questioning God and determining his fate. Then, at 7, his mother got sick with Sarcoidosis, a potentially fatal sickness that could have been the final nail in a little boy’s hope for a life of happiness and possibility.

Until one faithful Sunday, John and his mother went to church. When the Altar Call was made, John watched his mother move to the front of the church to be prayed for and he bore witness to an event that would shape his life and heal him from the memories of his fathers fatal death forever. He saw his mother get healed.

“She got healed that day and I knew it without a doubt. I knew it by the way she moved and came back to life. Before she wasn’t as alive or as able to move and so I knew that God had healed her. From that point on, I wanted to talk about God!”

But there were so many distractions in the streets of Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY. Luckily, one of those distractions was rap music. “I grew up around members of ABC (a young rap group that had great success in the early ‘90s with such songs as ‘Playground’ and ‘Aeisha’) and rapper Special Ed lived in my hood. I really felt that if I could be a part of the music, then all of the things that I had been through would disappear. So, I was reading the Bible and listening to rap music. I knew that they could co-exist. I wanted to give God the opportunity to live IN me!”

John felt that music could do what preaching couldn’t do for some people, penetrate their hearts and move the limits that some people placed on God. “Sometimes, people hear the word and it can go in one ear and out of the other. Music sticks with you!” John felt that music could get through the hardest walls, including the members of the church.

“Gospel rappers have to be JUST RIGHT—not too hard, not too soft, not too secular, not too sexy—so I had to get into production so that I could make sure that the music was RIGHT, for God and for the church environment. Producers weren’t understanding my vision or my sound, so God led me to do it myself.” Then after a chance meeting with Gary Anglin, who pushed him to enter a contest, John Cook and his brand of hip-hop were introduced to Dr. Bernard, his powerful ministry and that meeting led to John and his family joining the church and eventually led to John being signed to the Christian Cultural Center Music Group (CCCMG) label.

“HEAVEN’S PEN” is John’s debut cd, but his voice and face have been featured on “GOD CONSCIOUS,” the first release from the label, on which John has two singles—“I Got The Victory (The Devil is a Liar)” and “Dreamin,’” the song and video featuring Diana Gordan, which is being showed on BET in solid rotation. When asked about being successful in a realm that doesn’t generally speak about God until they get onstage at awards shows, John offers this. “What happens is that Kirk Franklin tapped into a vertical plane of the Holy Spirit. It’s all about Heaven, but there are a lot of people, right here, on Earth. We have to speak to people’s situations and circumstances because music speaks the truth. Not just Jesus and Up Yonder, but right here and now. I think we can be on the same level as other stuff, musically, and still be saved and be available for God!”

“Every single day, when we receive a new day, I hear new music. I automatically think about THE GOODNESS OF GOD! I have learned to create everything that I think of FOR GOD. A tear comes to my eyes because I think about people and if I do it right, say it right, I CAN CHANGE THE HEARTS OF MEN AND WOMEN!”

That’s why John Cook picks up Heaven’s Pen every day.


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